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Consumer Education Services, Inc.: Survey Results from September 2011

This survey was commissioned by the national nonprofit credit counseling agency, Consumer Education Services, Inc. in September 2011. Respondents had no affiliation with CESI and were recruited online by a third party research company.

This is part 1 of a 2 part poll. Part 2 results not yet released.

Sample Profile Requirements: US Adults, 35+ with children, with over $1,000 in debt.

Number of records in this query: 335
Total records in survey: 355
Percentage of total: 100%

Are you a parent?
Answer Percentage
Yes (Y) 85.35%
No (N) 5.92%
No Answer 8.73%
Not Completed or Not displayed 0.00%


How old are you?
Answer Percentage
35 or younger (35) 3.95%
36-39 (3639) 1.97%
40-44 (4044) 4.79%
45-49 (4549) 10.70%
50-54 (5054) 15.77%
55-59 (5559) 18.31%
60-64 (6064) 17.75%
65+ (65) 26.48%
No Answer 0.28%
Not completed or Not displayed 0.00%


What is your gender?
Answer Percentage
Female (F) 66.76%
Male (M) 32.96%
No Answer 0.28%
Not Completed or Not displayed 0.00%


Did you ever take a class in school about how to use   credit cards?
Answer Count Percentage
Yes (Y) 19 5.35%
No (N) 335 94.37%
No Answer 1 0.28%
Not completed or Not displayed 0 0.00%


Would you want your child(ren) to be required to take a class in school on credit card management?
Answer Count Percentage
Yes (Y) 235 66.20%
No (N) 119 33.52%
No Answer 1 0.28%
Not completed or Not displayed 0 0.00%


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