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What to Expect in the First Month

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What to Expect in the First Month After Enrollment

At this point, you’ve enrolled in the CESI debt management program and you and your counselor have discussed an appropriate payment schedule and affordable payment plan. And you can expect to start seeing results within the first few weeks. During this time, CESI will be contacting the list of creditors you provided to negotiate benefits for you. These benefits may include lower monthly payments, waiving or eliminating late and over-the-limit fees and reducing interest rates. Our agency is experienced in working with creditors to get the lowest possible payments for our customers.

You May Still Get Calls

During the negotiation process, you may continue to receive collection calls, but they should start to decrease significantly after your third consecutive payment through the program. If you do get calls during this time, contact your CESI counselor to make sure you’ve included that creditor on the list of enrolled creditors. Your counselor can also provide you with a creditor services number to give to your creditors so they can contact CESI.

Watch For the First Payment

When the payment schedule is decided, you will see the first payment automatically deducted from your account. You can rest assured that your creditors are receiving their payments on time. We will provide you with a statement to show we are making payments to your creditors, and they will continue to send you a monthly statement to show they are receiving those payments. While on the debt management plan, you should save all statements and correspondence from your creditors. CESI doesn’t receive any copies of your statements.


This is also the time to make that major step. The one that indicates that there is no turning back. Cut up all your credit cards. That includes major credit cards, department store cards, gas cards and any other credit card carrying debt. (This does not include debit cards or bank cards.)

Congratulations! You’re officially on the path to a debt-free life.


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