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Where Should I Work: 6 Reasons to Accept That Job Offer

Where should I work? A better question is where do I want to work?

Staring a new career is an exciting milestone in your life. If you’re considering a career change, or if you’ve already got a job offer, you may currently be asking yourself, “Where should I work?” Nailing the interview and getting the job is only half the battle, the other half is deciding whether it’s the right job for you.

There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding to take a new job. Nowadays, a job offer is so much more than the salary --- although that’s very important too. What factors are important to you when deciding whether to take a new job?

Ask yourself the following six questions when considering a new career move:

Will the salary support your lifestyle?

If you’re applying for a job to grow your career the salary should be better, some may even say fifteen percent higher than what you’re currently making. However if you’re changing careers you may need to start at the bottom in order to work your way to the top -- and that’s O.K. When evaluating a job offer just make sure the salary will support your current lifestyle because you definitely don’t want to go into debt for a new job.

How much vacation will you get?

To some people time off is just as valuable as a pay check. A good way to evaluate a job offer is to write down your top three priorities and start negotiations from there. Of course you can’t negotiate every aspect of your new job, but maximizing a few key benefits will help you be happier at work.

Are there any fringe benefits?

Some employers offer additional perks on top of your salary and vacation. Ask your potential new employer if they offer other benefits such as discounted cell phone plans, a subsidized gym membership, the option to travel for business and reimbursement of a monthly transit pass. The answer may be no, but it never hurts to ask.

Is it in a convenient location?

I think we can all agree that spending several hours commuting or stuck in traffic is time wasted that could be better spent. The ideal job may not be so great if it’s too far away from home. If you don’t have a car and work outside regular business hours public transportation may not be available. This is definitely something to consider when finding a new job.

Will they support your career growth?

Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time or making a career change later on in life, learning can be a key element in your career growth. If gaining new skills is a priority of yours, ask your potential employer about programs that support learning such as tuition refunds, the option to attend conferences and online courses.

What about everything else?

If your new job offers all the above it sounds like a great opportunity. Of course there are other factors to consider such as the working hours, the option to relocate if you want to and the opportunity to grow within the company. Maybe these things aren’t deal breakers but it’s still good to keep them in mind when you’re presented with a job offer.

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