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Tips for Saving Money on Home Appliances

Home appliance savings

Buying a new home appliance is exciting. However, it is important to know ways for saving money on home appliances such as refrigerators, washer, dryers, and ovens. Here are seven quick tips for purchasing big-ticket appliances.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Showrooms are designed to make you salivate over the shiny appliances. Avoid impulse buying by making a list of the features you need. This could be load capacity, energy efficiency, a good warranty, or even color. Compare your list with the appliance specs and write down your top three options. Once you find the appliance you want to purchase, give yourself a 24-hour cooling down period to make sure you are making the best economical purchase.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Salespeople are great resources for information. However, make sure you do your research prior to making a purchase. Negotiate by asking the store to match the lower price offered by their competition, request a discount for purchasing more than one appliance, ask for free delivery and installation, or a free extended warranty.

Energy Efficient is Economical

Energy-efficient appliances help save you money on home appliances in the long run, and they also help the environment. Not only will you reduce your impact on global climate change, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on electricity bills.

Make Sure to Measure

Before heading to the store, make sure you measure the existing appliance and the appliance’s location at least three times. Consider how the appliance will interact with its surroundings — front loading washers whose door opens wide, or a fridge space that only allows for a left-hand opening appliance. Check out and measure the amount of space required behind the appliance for protruding pipes or cords, so that it will fit perfectly. Also, measure the cavity of the appliance to make sure it is big enough for your big turkey, comforter, or microwavable baking pan.

Search for Discounts and Sales

Once you have an idea of your needs and wants in your new appliance, taking the time to shop around could save you hundreds of dollars. The Internet makes it easy to compare appliance specs and prices before going to the stores. If you choose to purchase your big-ticket appliance online, many stores offer online specials or discounts.

Timing Is Everything

Did you know that purchasing a major appliance at a certain time of the year could save you lots of cash? Most retailers hold sales on or around public holidays. Know when these sales start and wait to see if you can get a better deal then.

According to , the best time to buy most major appliances is September and October. That’s when manufacturers release new models, meaning the current year’s models will be marked down to make room for the newer models. Refrigerators are an exception to this: fridge manufacturers reveal their newer models in May.

Understand Add-ons

Most major appliances require additional components to work that may not be included in the sticker price. For example, stove tops may require an exhaust fan that is sold separately. Understand what add-ons are required for your major appliance before you create your budget and take it home.

Saving money on home appliances can be easy. Don’t walk blindly into the store looking for an expensive appliance: do your research and stick to your budget in order to come out in front.

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2 Responses to Tips for Saving Money on Home Appliances

  1. Tina says:

    I only buy home appliance on holidays where tons of sales are going on. Even when shopping through a credit card, i always look for a zero interest rate. Perfect timing and patience is the key on finding a best buy appliance.

  2. Travis S says:

    I love the tips. I have to control myself from taking impulsive decisions while purchasing an appliance.

    The other commenter mentioned yet another good tip buy during holiday season to get appliances at a lower price tag.

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