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National Consumer Credit Counseling

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A national consumer credit counseling agency could be just what you need when struggling with debt. You may have heard that you can reduce debt with credit counseling but aren’t sure where to start. The information below will get you started by answering some of the common questions that consumers have about credit counseling.

National Consumer Credit Counseling

1. What services do national consumer credit counseling agencies offer? Most national agencies are licensed to do business in many states across the US. Services such as Financial Education, Debt Management and Housing Counseling are offered both in their local offices as well as via phone and internet to consumers in other states.

2. Why choose a national consumer credit counseling agency? Credit counseling agencies that are licensed nationwide often have a long track-record of service and success with a variety of consumers. They have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of creditors and are able to work with you to find solutions that fit your individual financial situation.

3. What will a national consumer credit counseling agency do to help me with my debt? Typically, your first interaction with a credit counselor will be a free consultation. They need to get a full picture of your financial situation before they are able to make any recommendations about programs or services that may be suited to you. Usually this will involve working with you to create a budget that includes all of your income and expenses as well as a list of your creditors, amounts owed to each and minimum payments. With this information they will be able to determine the solution that is right for you. Most people choose to have this consultation via phone, but it’s possible in many cases to conduct it via internet or even in person if you live locally to the agency you have chosen to work with.

4. How much will credit counseling cost? As indicated above, your consultation and budgeting session should be free (if it’s not, be very cautious). Depending on the program that you choose, if one is offered to you as a solution, there can be a small cost associated with that particular program. For example, in most debt management plans, there is a small monthly fee for the credit counseling agency to disperse payment to each of your creditors each month and work directly with them to negotiate program benefits. These monthly fees are determined by State that you live under the law and should be disclosed by the counselor. Typically these fees are minimal and are often reduced or even waived completely in the case of hardship where the consumer is unable to meet them.

5. What benefits will I receive from creditors if I enroll in debt management? If you choose to enroll in a debt management program, your credit counseling agency will negotiate with each of your creditors to get benefits for you that could include reduced interest rates, lower monthly payments and reduced or waived fees. The creditor will determine the benefits they choose to offer, but rest assured that your counselor will work to get you the best possible benefits. CESI has a database of more than 60,000 creditors who have agreed to work with us to offer benefits to consumers – that’s a LOT of creditors!

If you are on the fence about your debt situation and what to do about it, you have nothing to lose by speaking with a credit counselor. The consultation won’t cost you a thing and you may find a solution that gets you started on the path to financial freedom right away! Why not try national consumer credit counseling? Call or complete your online consultation with CESI today.

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